What’s the Key to a Successful Marriage

What’s the Key to a Successful Marriage

Self Mastery Key to Successful Marriages

Self-mastery is attained through constant self-development. How do you develop yourself? How do you gain self-mastery? Biz and I use to work together and our supervisor would be reading all the time.

He’d tell us, “You guys want to be supervisor one day, you need to read books.” Specifically, he was talking about self-help books. He told Biz and me to read Think and Grow Rich, Tony Robbins, and stuff like that.

You should read self-help books and listen to developmental audios daily. Whatever you do, read and listen to something for at least 15 minutes every day. When Biz and his wife began doing this, their continuity made them start looking like Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen; for you younger folks, that’s LeBron James and D. Wade or KD and Steph Curry.

Mastering Yourself Will Improve Everything Around You

They were on the same page like never before. For Biz, it started with financial literacy self-help books where he was defunct in, and it went on from there. They were cooking.

Whatever you are expecting from your spouse, if you start to expect it from yourself first, it will naturally start to bleed over into the other person. If it does not, then God (Nature or the Universe) will handle the problem.

It is an amazing thing that if you want your spouse to be something, you must first be that thing or the thing that attracts that thing! If they don’t adopt and adapt to what you are doing then, God, Nature, the Universe will start to either force it to take place through him or her, or tear the marriage asunder.

Try to Genuinely Be What You Want and Expect…

Then you never have to make that decision of moving towards divorce, because what God joins together, let no “man” put asunder. God will tear it asunder. Kinda harsh, sure, but so is an earthquake.

God, Nature, The Universe, the Eternal Force (whatever you call it) will divorce you or sanctify you. Usually, sometimes that might end, unfortunately, in premature death of your spouse (and I certainly hope not) or the spouse (or whoever is leading all the confrontations) will just leave and file for divorce. I don’t think that is what will happen if you are genuinely being the person you want your spouse to become.

If he doesn’t cook your meals, you need to start cooking his meals. If he doesn’t massage your feet, you probably should massage his feet. If she doesn’t make you feel loved, you need to make her feel loved.

Changing Everyday to a New You!

The way to do this is to first work on it by working on you. You have to exercise and develop yourself. Changing who you are is a hard process, but if you make it a drastic change and roll with it, it will become permanent.

We try to act like other people or celebs on TV, but it doesn’t work as well because we do not actually know the celeb. You should define who you want to be and act like that person until you become that person.

Sometimes people may think you are being fake or acting; it is all part of the new person you are developing in order to transform your entire situation. It must start within. A poor mentality will be poor physically, no matter where you locate them.

A strong man is strong no matter where he is; it begins with what is developed in the command center of your body, which is called your brain. Yes, so what’s the key to a successful marriage? You and your development!


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