Marriage Christian Counseling Questions to Consider

Marriage Christian Counseling Questions to Consider

If you’re deciding to get hitched or you’re already sewed together, marriage conflicts will come up. The way we respond to these hiccups is a key factor in how well our married life will go. So if you’re about to wed or already there; here are some marriage Christian counseling questions to consider asking yourself and your spouse.

If you’re unable to get clear responses, then seeing a marriage counselor would probably be the next best helpful step.

Number one, there is power in numbers. Therefore, the questions to ask here is, how do I want to live, what do I want to do, where do I want to live, when do I want to do these things, and why do I want to do them.

Christian Counseling in Marriage

If you have a solid grip on these questions, then number two set of questions are easier. Number two; who is the ideal person that can compliment me in living out the answers to my questions in number one?

You could live that life by yourself, but there is strength in numbers. Specifically, there is strength in marriage, two minds becoming one. If you know what you want, then finding the ideal complimentary person will be rather simple.

In fact, they probably are seeking you to compliment them in the same type of life. This is when marriage synergy magic happens. Number three, questions is this; is it important for them to be a Christian since I am a devoted Christian?

Counseling for Christian Marriages

The answer is absolutely, and even more detailed drill-down would be necessary. These are the marriage Christian counseling questions to consider before marriage. If you’re in a marriage already and need marriage Christian counseling, here is a key question to ask.

Am I living the ideal Christian life, using the Christian principles that would make for the ideal spouse? Is my life representative of the Christian principles that would influence my spouse. Am I influencing my spouse to live in unison with me and to adopt Christian principles and beliefs?

These are some things to consider, and some questions to ask.


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