Marriage and Counseling Advice

Marriage and Counseling Advice

In a marriage, like anything else, hard patches, staleness, and frustrations will occur. It isn’t the end of the road. It is a sign that things were not set up concretely or that someone or someones have lost focus.

What do you do?

Well, you’re doing step two. Step one is to recognize or realize there is a problem. Step two is to reach out and seek help and assistance for the problem. Counseling is always a good idea. It can come from a parent, grandparent (hopefully they’re still married), or from friends.

Strangers may even be able to help by simply giving ideas that you can use. Websites, such as this one, will offer great help and assistance when you run up against a counselor who is writing.

Starting Points

These are all good starting points for marriage and counseling advice. Some tips that will help any couple out is to first constantly make an agreement to work on your individual self first. Studies show that people who make a point to work on their lives individually will improve the quality of other aspects of their lives.

Uh like your marriage. This means to simply read books that will enhance the quality of your life psychologically, mentally, spiritually, and this will help your marriage. Another tip you will appreciate is to do things together.

It may have to begin with things you’re not too into. Your spouse may be into late night shows, and you may hate them. This marriage is never going to work, you may say. No! If they are doing three shows a night, go to at least one of them if not two.

Get a Support Network in place

You have to get the ball going, and if the law of reciprocity is true, your spouse will begin joining you for things you enjoy (but you may have to ask to start out). Other things that really work that you can use as marriage and counseling advice is to have or build a support network.

Have a support network in place. This is not to be confused with a “nag-center” where when your spouse makes you upset, you hop on the phone with this person and nag away. Instead, this is more a person you know trust and is also married.

They’ll tell you to stay in the game, and offer ideas and support to help you move through the situation. As mentioned earlier, this could be a grandfather, father, uncle, friend, or elder wise lady that lives in your building.

It’s not a one size fit all solution

Find someone who knows you and your spouse and is dedicated to helping you, not only in marriage but everything else. Stop doing what doesn’t work. Far too often, couples keep doing what doesn’t work in an attempt to fix their marriage.

It is like they believe this time it will convince their partner it will work. The reality is that the same behavior will continue to be counterproductive in future dealings. This simply suggests you ought to change that unsuccessful strategy.

The last piece of marriage and counseling advice is to recognize that marriage advice is not a one size fits all. What may have worked for your friends may not work for you. Just like eating strawberries and celery for breakfast sounds healthy and good, but to some people, it just doesn’t work for them.

Find out what works best for you…

Marriage advice and counseling will be the same way. Search around, ask around, knock around, and see what counsel works best for you and your spouse.


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